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J.H. Simpson has been involved with our community since 1944. We try to make a difference by improving our company to help our local Stockon residents get the most out of their house. We recently learned that a lot of our residents can no longer enjoy the water that they pay for! Our drinking water now has added Chloramines as a secondary disinfectant and that could have hazardous effects on our health. Chloramines have been reported to have health side effects, add corrosion to our plumbing and have an impact on our environment.

How Can We Help?

J.H. Simpson will now be able to send our employees to your house to do a whole house water audit! We can help homeowners by taking water samples from your house to be tested for various chemicals and install an Aquios system that is a natural, proven solution that will eliminate 98% of chlorine odor and taste and reduce iron. It will also have the power to stop limescale from damaging your appliances and plumbing and at the same time deliver clean, filtered and scale free water that you once enjoyed. After two weeks of your installation, we will come back to your house to test your new water and provide you with side-by-side results of your water before and after.


To make an appointment please call (209) 466-1477 or fill out the form below. J.H. Simpson Company will respond on the day that your email is received.