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A roof is the crown of a building, providing shelter from rain, snow, sun, and wind. We all know the importance of roofs, and their importance is matched only by the frustration that comes when your roof fails to do what you need it to. As property managers, and as people with roofs of our own, we understand this frustration, and know that if a leak isn’t solved promptly and correctly the first time, it can become a recurring problem that costs property managers time and money.

That’s why we’re passionately committed to serving you in all your roofing service needs. We ensure our services are performed with care, dedication, and good intention. Further, we seek to meet all of our customers’ needs by listening compassionately, building trust and loyalty, and increasing overall fulfillment in everyday life.

Our roofing services protect you

At JHS, our highly-seasoned roofing professionals are dedicated to providing reliable and prompt service to you, as soon as you need it. We offer comprehensive roofing services for all of your weatherization needs, available to you anytime with our professionally trained staff. This gives you a competitive advantage by saving you time, stress, and money.

Our weatherization roofing services include roof coating systems, sealing walls and buildings, caulking expansion joints, windows and atriums, and anything else that requires protection from intrusive weather. We know that these issues frequently arise unexpectedly, which is why we’re available day and night to fix any leak, storm damaged roofing systems, or drainage problem.

Our maintenance programs extend the life of your facility assets

Not only do we aim to help with unforeseen problems, but we also work with our customers to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. To do this, we offer preventative maintenance programs. Depending on the roof’s condition, we make periodic visits (up to six times per year) for check-up and maintenance services, as well as provide a clear report that details your property’s current state. A comprehensive program specific to your facility can be designed and implemented that will add long-term value.

Our preventative maintenance service programs include:

Inspections by certified experienced personnel
Minor repairs around roof penetrations, open seams and punctures
Minor repairs to parapet walls and roof caps
Minor repair around HVAC and other rooftop equipment
Surface cleaning of leaves, debris, screws, accumulated soil, etc.
Gutter and downspout cleaning
Inlet drain cleaning and clearing
Condition reports

JHS roofing and repair services include:

Sealing and weatherization of entire building envelope
Full service roofing and substrate repairs
Repairs to storm damaged areas
Replace damaged drain inlets
Roof cap and metal flashing repair and replacement
Repair and install mechanical curbs
Coatings and surface applications
Water testing and diagnostic evaluation
Work with all types of roofing systems
Life extension solutions of the roofing systems rooms

Weatherization and sealcoat services help save roofs

To help extend the life of your roof, we also provide a full seal-coat service. This serves to prolong the life of a roof, potentially saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Replacing a roof is a costly both in time and money, and can be a huge imposition and inconvenience, not to mention a large capital draw on the reserves. We can protect your roof, typically for 20% of the cost of replacement. Good maintenance with quality roof coating applications will extend the life of the existing roofing systems. Why re-roof if you can reasonably defer that capital expense? We can help you.

Our preventative property maintenance programs serve you with everything required to keep your roof functioning throughout the year, which saves you time and money. We don’t wait for a problem to occur – we fix it so that it doesn’t occur in the first place.

JHS is here to serve our customers with exceptional solutions for all of your property maintenance needs. We are dedicated to providing reliable, honest, and high quality roofing services and demonstrating value and integrity with both our clients and company. Please connect with us today to discover answers to any questions, or to receive a quote!


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