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The city first notified north Stockton residents in 2014 that it planned to put chloramines in their drinking water. That concerned a lot homeowners who then flooded the water company with calls and tried to protest against it. Now, in 2016, their plan is finally in effect. Our water will now have chloramines (mixture of chlorine & ammonia) added as a secondary disinfectant. If you are in the targeted area and would like to learn how J.H. Simpson Company, INC can defend your home against chloramines and other chemicals, click here. 




One of the biggest reasons that homeowners should consider variable speed pumps is due to their fantastic energy efficiency. variable speed pumps can cut energy costs by up to 90 percent when compared to traditional two-speed pump designs that use more energy than is necessary to circulate and filter out pool water. Whether you’re running a pool cleaner, water jets or a waterfall, variable speed pumps will only use the amount of energy required to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.


Long lifespan
Variable speed pumps are a fantastic investment to help reduce home energy costs, but they also boast a much longer lifespan than two-speed designs. Variable speed produce far less heat and vibration than induction motors, which can reduce the regular wear and tear that comes with year-round use. Most of these pumps make use of internal cooling fans, which can help the pump run at peak efficiency and reduce wear that may occur with consistent use. This makes these products a much smarter investment that will pay for themselves after years of reliable function.

Quiet operation
The drone of a pool pump is a fact of life for many homeowners, but variable speed pumps make that a thing of the past. With their unique enclosed design and running at optimal speeds to handle the unique nature of your pool, they rank among the most quiet pool pumps ever built. Now you won’t have to listen to your pool pump run all night long and you can sleep soundly in knowing that your investment is saving you money!


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